The main purpose of this site is to keep readers up-to-date regarding non-trivial developments on our understanding of the genesis of mass, either on the theoretical or on the experimental front.

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Have you thought what is really the cause of our weight,
and of the weight of the things around us?
What are the fundamental constituents of the Universe?
What is the current scientific view about the structure
of our world?
How close did Plato and Demokritos arrive to the fundamental structural elements of the Cosmos?
Why are elementary particles so smaller and so lighter
than a small grain of sand?
What are the interactions that cause the phenomena around us?
Have you ever wondered whether the fundamental
interactions of our world can be unified with each other
under a single primordial force?
What is the mirror world and the katoptrons it consists of?
Is it possible that the genesis of mass bears resemblance
to the freezing of water?
When will the largest experiment in the history of Physics
take place?
Wouldn't you like to learn how many particles have already been discovered, and how many we expect to detect
in the years to come?
How would you feel if you had the chance to approach the harmony permeating our world without needing necessarily knowledge of mathematics?
Are you anxious to follow the never-ending and exciting game between scientific ideas and their rigorous experimental checking?
Read in this book about the internal symmetries that describe the architecture of our world.
Inform yourselves about some of the most modern theories in Physics on the fundamental structure of matter from first hand!
Transcend the transient manifestations of everyday routine and watch with awe and admiration the invariant, the unchanged foundations of the Universe!
Travel within the magical world of Physics with a rare book full of sketches, diagrams and photographs!



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