La beauté est l' éternité
se contemplant dans un mirroir
K. Gibran (1923)


CERN is the acronym for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucleaire. It is the site where the LHC experiments are being built.

For you to have a first-hand opinion on CERN, we refer you to the official site:
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The fundamental archetypical cast constituting the base for the creation of more than 10^89 identical copies of elementary particles during the Big Bang, the explosive event that formed our Universe. If and when the development of space technology in combination with biotechnology allows us in the future to come in contact with other possible civilizations in the Universe, this diagram could serve as a means of communication of our level of understanding of the fundamental structure of the world to creatures that share with us the same physical laws but not the same planetary, biological, technological or social histories, and obviously not the same mathematical or alphabetic symbols. It would encode

information about the human civilization in the same spirit as the platinum plates that were sent with spacecrafts Pioneer 10 and 11 in space in the years 1972-3 and were designed by Carl Sagan.



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