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Author's on-line publications
relevant to Katoptron Theory:

1) Mirror mesons at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

1) Towards E_8*E_8 Unification

2) Understanding the genesis of mass:
A Mystery pointing towards the mirror world.

George Triantaphyllou (Natl. Tech. U., Athens) 17pp.
hep-ph/0209082 .

3) The Weak scale:
Dynamical determination versus accidental stabilization.

George Triantaphyllou . 10pp.
Talk given at Annual Meeting of the Hellenic Society for the Study of High Energy Physics (HEP 2001): Recent Advances in High Energy Physics, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 6-8 Apr 2001.
hep-ph/0109023 .

4) Mass generation and the dynamical role of the Katoptron group. George Triantaphyllou (Natl. Tech. U., Athens) 15pp.
hep-ph/0010147 .

5) Strongly interacting fermions from a higher dimensional unified gauge theory.
George Triantaphyllou, George Zoupanos (Natl. Tech. U., Athens)17pp.

6) Dynamical symmetry breaking with mirror fermions.
George Triantaphyllou (Munich, Tech. U.) 12pp.
Talk given at 6th Hellenic School and Workshop on Elementary Particle Physics:, Corfu, Greece, 6-26 Sep 1998.
hep-ph/9908251 .

7) Mirror fermions and the hierarchy problem.
George Triantaphyllou (Munich, Tech. U.) 2pp.
Talk given at International Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics (EPS-HEP 99), Tampere, Finland, 15-21 Jul 1999.
*Tampere 1999, High energy physics* 841-842
hep-ph/9908250 .

8) Strategy towards mirror fermion signatures.
George Triantaphyllou (Munich, Tech. U.) 30pp.

9) Neutrinos, their partners and unification.
George Triantaphyllou (Munich, Tech. U.) 34pp.

10) New physics with mirror particles.
George Triantaphyllou (Munich, Tech. U.) 34pp.
hep-ph/9811250 .

11) Unification of forces and the source of mass (in Greek)
George Triantaphyllou:
from the excellent site


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K. Palamas (1904)